Saturday, August 21, 2010

Brief, and Probably Incorrect

I have been reading a lot of nonfiction lately, and also classic novels that I have been getting for free for my eReader. It is odd to read ultra-modern popular nonfiction alongside old novels. I read a lot and the more I am reading together at any given time, the more cross-fertilization there is of the ideas, and they get connected and mixed up in my brain in all sorts of weird ways. I don't usually have an outlet for that sort of thinking.

It did get me thinking about how a lot of what the smartest people of any generation think and take for granted will turn out to be really wrong, especially beliefs about medicine or about social matters. I had to wonder what parts of the things we believe today will turn out to be wrong a hundred years from now. I don't know what information to trust anymore, because so much of what people say to each other is based on assumptions.

I know I am being far too abstract tonight.The thread about shame from the last two writings will need to be picked up, because my therapuetic homework for the month is to reflect on shame.

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