Friday, March 18, 2011

Dear Universe. I am Sad. Love, Jackie.

Hello friends. I always meant to reserve this blog for personal use and continue my honesty project. But as I began my job hunt and my foray into social media, I felt muffled and silenced by a need to keep my private life under wraps. This was partly protective.

However, I feel the need to share publicly at last what I have shared privately with many of you. I have filed for a divorce from my husband of nine years. This is an emotionally intense time for me, and a difficult one. I urge you to reach out to me privately if you have interest in being supportive during the turbulence.

Please note that as of this week my ex-husband has engaged a lawyer and our divorce has turned a bit contentious. For this reason, after this one post I will drastically reduce my use of public internet forums, including twitter, foursquare, facebook and the like, until a future time when things are more settled.

I have become increasingly aware that I am being internet stalked by my ex-husband and that my public moves, including this post, can be used against me. Therefore I again emphasize that after tonight I will be taking most of my communications private.

Best to all of you during the transition.