Friday, March 18, 2011

Dear Universe. I am Sad. Love, Jackie.

Hello friends. I always meant to reserve this blog for personal use and continue my honesty project. But as I began my job hunt and my foray into social media, I felt muffled and silenced by a need to keep my private life under wraps. This was partly protective.

However, I feel the need to share publicly at last what I have shared privately with many of you. I have filed for a divorce from my husband of nine years. This is an emotionally intense time for me, and a difficult one. I urge you to reach out to me privately if you have interest in being supportive during the turbulence.

Please note that as of this week my ex-husband has engaged a lawyer and our divorce has turned a bit contentious. For this reason, after this one post I will drastically reduce my use of public internet forums, including twitter, foursquare, facebook and the like, until a future time when things are more settled.

I have become increasingly aware that I am being internet stalked by my ex-husband and that my public moves, including this post, can be used against me. Therefore I again emphasize that after tonight I will be taking most of my communications private.

Best to all of you during the transition.



  1. We got your back doll. Call out anytime and we're here for you.

  2. I don't know you but from one Jackie to another, I feel your pain. My divorce is almost final after a 10 yr marriage. It is emotionally devastating at first, but eventually you do come out on top again. Ping me if you need to vent (privately of course:) Twitter: @JacKuehl

  3. Jackie,
    I am sad with and for you, and for your ex and for your child. No one wins in these, and I'm sorry your family has to go through this. I pray that in the end this process will NOT be contentious, and that above all, the best interests of your child together becomes and remains the highest priority for both of you.

    May the future be better and brighter for you all.


  4. Jackie,

    It is unfortunate we all go through something similar (divorce).

    You will want to spend time quietly and internally for you and your daughter.

    You are always welcome to reach out privately-it is understood everything is off the record. Cause you will need to say things later you will probably regret and they will be forgotten.

    Much love.

  5. Jackie,
    I am sad too because I know what you have been going through and what you will probably face. I know you are not looking for anything but emotional support; you will have that with me and your friends.
    I have been through a rather unpleasant circumstances like this and while everyone experiences it differently, I am convinced you will come out of it a stronger, happier person. Just know for now, you have many friends and you can call on us to provide you with emotional support and friendship.
    with that said, I think you are a terrific woman and mother with a good head on your shoulders and a lot of heart. You need to protect that heart and you endure this with the grace and poise I know you are capable of.

  6. You're not alone...never.


  7. You are an awesome lady. I will be praying for you. And I agree with mark


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  9. We are all here for you Jackie... #TrueFriends