Monday, November 7, 2011

Post- #BWELA Blogworld Blog Post About a Live #Blogchat About Blogging: How Meta

Long story short, because you know I can make even short stories quite long, because I do that.

I went to Blogworld LA 2011 and participated in the Live #blogchat hosted by @mackcollier. It was fun. I tweeted about lumberjacks and trees and blogging from the liver, because I do that sort of thing.

Every once in a while I would look up, look around, and realize that I was in a room with all kinds of people whose work I like and admire, like @hardlynormal and @jasonfalls and @tamadear and @josepf and oh, heck, all of them.

It was super duper. At one point, I tweeted out:

"Since when did  get up and walk out of my computer and into my real life?? , you so fing rock."

The reply:

": 3:30? "

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