Friday, April 20, 2012

And Then There Was Hope.

I recently started following more closely the work of Mark Horvath, @hardlynormal on twitter. We met up by chance in San Francisco, and I resolved to do what I could to help him in his battle against homelessness. Since I don't have much money, mainly what I do is listen and follow and try to spread the word about what he does, with @invisiblepeople.

I believe it was probably Mark who got me involved with a project called #HopeMob.

Yesterday, went live. I was immediately struck by the site; it's simple and beautiful, the stories are powerful, and the structure is carefully thought out. But then I saw that @careyfuller was the second story in line, and that got me really excited. Carey is a homeless mother from Seattle who I know from Twitter, and I have long wished I could do something to help her.

From there, when I saw that the founder of HopeMob would be speaking at Google at 12PM, I didn't even think twice. It was 11:30AM. I got in the car and headed straight to Google HQ, which was an hour away. I arrived to the event late, breathless with excitement, and expecting a huge crowd.

Instead I found a small, intimate group of people who nonetheless are clearly passionately committed to doing good in the world. I immediately was struck by Shaun King. I didn't know who he was or anything about him before yesterday, but I know when someone is doing good work.

I've already become a passionate advocate for HopeMob. I don't understand why this hashtag isn't the top trend on twitter today. There is nothing I would love better than for this to blow up, big.

Can you help me figure out how to make it happen?

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