Friday, November 12, 2010

It Really Wasn't Any of my Business, Was it?

A while ago I had written a post called None of My Business: A Friend Considers a Move in which I attempted to articulate the unexpectedly strong feelings I had in response to a good friend's decision about where to live. It's oddly comforting now to know that I was right at the time about being wrong.

My friend moved in to her new place this week, and loves it. I was given a tour of the empty condo last week, and I can see how well it suits her. So when I felt strongly that she was off track in the past, I think I was correct to intuit that my gut reaction said more about me than it did about her or what would be good for her, etc.

If you haven't gathered by now, I'm a person of rather strong feelings, and generally wear my heart on my sleeve. That said, I'm slowly gaining the ability to bite my tongue and let the other person have an opinion. Once the strong emotion fades away, it's funny to look back and wonder what the fuss was even about.

My husband would not doubt beg to differ on the biting the tongue bit.

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