Monday, November 8, 2010

Zing, Zap, Zoom! Irons in fires. Too many?

Not all that long ago I saw a quotation about Aries [standard astrology disclaimer here]-- "Ready, Fire, Aim!!"

I have to admit that there is an element of this in my personality. I'm restless, and the more I feed the restlessness the more it troubles me. I'm just having so much darned fun with all these amazing people out there in the social media universe. But I had another couple of overwhelmed moments today, where I thought, "What am I getting myself into, exactly?" Too many irons... too many fires. Luckily, I am a fire sign!

My head is spinning. I have started reaching out, and the internet has taken my hands and grabbed me and pulled me in. I'm just waiting to see when the ride stops, and find out what the final destination will be. The weirdest thing is, I'm not sorry. Ever since I started hunting for a new job in a new way, my energy level has skyrocketed.

Here I am, the breadwinner of my family, the stable one, the one who can get and stay employed. I bring in the paycheck, run the finances, pay all the bills, plan for the future. My husband takes care of the kids and decides what we're having for dinner. It's like some kind of weird reverse fifties sitcom. Part of me worries that I'm gambling, now. I've thrown my lot in with a bunch of motley startups doing arcane things in the weirdness of a social media bubble. I can't even convince one of them to hire me, and even so, somehow I've gotten myself entangled in the middle of the network. I jumped in. I just couldn't help it.

Being a bit abstract, here, I know. It's just been a very odd week indeed. For example, I spent a deal of time today playing games with a total stranger over Twitter, in which we attempted to up my hit count so that I could climb in to the 250th spot on XeeSM's "wall of fame." Simultaneously, I arranged a phone call with a relative stranger (on the opposite coast, no less) who contacted me through twitter, and had a phone conversation in which I had to explain that I'm not actually a CEO-- yet. Yeah, that was interesting. I enjoyed it, but I'm definitely in uncharted territory.

Last night I had a phone interview with a startup so underground that you can't even find a shred of information about them on Google. Too strange to be made up. They don't quite have the funding to pay me yet, so we just kind of got to know each other. I found myself offering my husband's services as a film editor/creative artist.

This afternoon, I made arrangements to attend an event at [undisclosed mysterious location] to hear [interesting and intriguing person] speak about [past startup experience, mistakes, and successes] that will officially put me on my educational journey toward founding my own company. I even kind of have an idea about what it might be. So I RSVP'd to this event, only to have my RSVP email answered by [really cool CEO person of company I *really* would love to work for] That's right, the CEO answered my RSVP- and will be at this event. So I will have a chance to introduce myself in person, and *might* even be able to make a fast pitch. How's that for optimism?? If nothing else, I have his email address now... hmmm... haha!

Oh, and I haven't forgotten my calling to become a UU minister. That just comes later in the plan. My until-one-hundred-years-old life plan gets reworked this week. It's on my official list of things to do. (Along with reapplying to as a customer service rep :)

I'm on an adventure and I don't want it to stop. Am I just from some kind of alternate dimension, or what??

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