Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Upside Down

Things have veered strangely again. I am just holding on, trying to keep up. This past week I stumbled into a chat channel in twitter called #usguys. It's a fast moving, high energy adventure in Social Media.

My real job at work is unpleasant right now. My immediate supervisor has quit, leaving a hole in our sales team, and they got rid of my couterpoint on the tactical marketing team, leaving me in the full glare of displeasure of the tactical marketing director, who I don't interface with very well.

I can't keep up there, either. Today I came home very sick with a random fever. On the other hand, I'm still employed when I kind of didn't expect to be, given all that's been going on. All of my job prospects have fallen through, so I guess I just have to start over again from the beginning.

Christmas is coming. I just have to keep turning the pages for now.

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