Friday, October 22, 2010

Middle Night Thoughts

It's been an intense couple of weeks. I'm great when there's actions to be taken and things to be done, but not so much when it comes to sitting back and waiting. Continuing adventures in twitter, and still having the time of my life. I am more and more convinced that my next move is into social media, but still working out the details. I've continued to read Chris Brogan's book, Trust Agents, and am processing it in the background while I go about my daily life.

I'm balancing a lot right now, and behind the general fog of exhaustion this week, trying to keep my priorities straight. Yesterday I took my four year old son to the dentist. The last time he went he climbed right into the chair, full of confidence & trust. This time he unexpectedly shied away from the overhead light and then wouldn't take his hands from his eyes. Even after they offered him a child-sized pair of sunglasses, he kept scrunching up his body in the chair. I could see that he was getting upset. Luckily this is a pediatric dentist that specializes in children with difficulties, so they took this behavior in stride and didn't make a fuss.

I held my son and wrapped my arms around him protectively, and I could feel how small he still is and how he needed reassurance. The hygienist suggested that I lay in the dental chair with my son on top of me, and we put the sunglasses back on. This time with Mama as his dentist chair, he relaxed and let her clean and examine his teeth with no further difficulty. How many dentists would have let us do this? Big gold star recommendation for Dr. Natalie Vanderkamm in Cupertino.

He's been getting so big and independent that the moments when he is vulnerable like this are getting to be fewer and more subtle when they do appear. My beautiful son is growing up. In the middle of all the stress and scramble lately, I really valued this moment with him.

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