Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What do I know? What can I share?

I'm fairly tired from a packed weekend full of projects and family activity, and little sleep. I'm proud of my hard work, but impatient. A close friend told me at lunch yesterday that she believes there is a purpose to each of our lives and that the disappearance of one opportunity in life simply means that a better one will come along later that was meant to be. I don't believe that my life is predestined or that I have a purpose, other than those created by myself and other people. Fate is something that I don't trust and don't believe in. Neither am I fatalistic, as I actually do agree with my friend that I believe the future holds better things ahead and have a generally optimistic outlook; if none of the companies I've applied to extend me an offer, I will think of something else to try. Nevertheless, I see no benefit in sitting back and passively accepting disappointment. I want to make my own destiny if I can.

I've changed my profile setting on Twitter. It now reads: "Former Professor, future CEO. The middle part = work in progress." So that gives you some clue where I now think I am headed. Why aim low? After all, I want to change the world. I'm tired of pretending otherwise.

I am reading a book by Chris Brogan called Trust Agents at the moment, which is helping me reframe my sudden passionate interest in social media. Brogan talks about the power of the internet and in particular, suggests helping others through blogging and other tools. His suggestion in the book was to find topics to share that would teach other people, and to build on my own expertise in order to become a "trust agent."

This has me thinking: What do I know? What can I share? How can I help other people?

I know I started this blog with a piece on breastfeeding because I successfully breastfed my children, and I believe my experience could help other women to do the same. So originally I had intentions to help others through writing.

Writer and speaker Larry Winget has said before that people should stand up for their convictions. He has no respect for people who stand for everything and nothing. What are my convictions? What do I believe in? How can I share these things with others in a way that would make a powerful impact on the world? And, most of all, how does the internet fit into this picture? These are the questions that are on my mind tonight.

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