Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Speed of Social Media

As people are starting to trickle in (other than XeeSm employees, who I did at least expect) I thought I had better post a quick update to the blog. A visitor has just pointed out to me that the “adult content” warning was still in place on the page, and I have removed the restriction.

To anyone else who wanders in, welcome. I started this blog in an effort to polish my writing skills and to have a forum to develop ideas and experimental writing. I intended this to be a place of total honesty, and deliberately did not advertise its existence until I was confident that I could sustain the project. My ideas are partially related to the book _Radical Honesty_ by Brad Blanton, , which I had recently read in the San Jose State Library collection. I wanted to experiment with writing on topics of interest, related to my personal life, but not necessarily in a diary format.

I have taken this blog public (in the sense of having actual readers rather abruptly and therefore expect the tone and content to shift, given the presence of actual viewers (and potential employers!) and my new fascination with social media. I’m not going to change the basic principle of honest content or take down any of the increasingly personal musings I was delving into thus far. The internet is what it is!

Welcome to whoever you are, and feel free to say hello.

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