Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Brief Diversion

(Cut from the previous post in order to make it shorter & more readable.)

Sorry. Getting sidetracked. While I'm already derailed, let me talk for a second about writing and about this blog. I know it's not polished, maybe even deliberately so. I had a big problem with writer's block for a while, so much so that I refused to acknowledge the identity of "writer," for a very long time. I went to graduate school at San Jose State University, and during my time there I somehow caught a pretty bad case of perfectionism. It's an insidious disease. So it's very freeing for me now to write these vignettes with near total abandon. (I'm exaggerating, anyway. The really abandoned writing is all in, which is a lovely, lovely site. Big plug!!)

I write these things in one sitting, usually, and I only do very minor editing.  I'm not here to write masterpieces. Several people have questioned or remarked on the"adult content" warning, and I've put that in place deliberately to allow for greater freedom of topic and language. I haven't pushed the limits of that yet, but I have little doubt that I someday will.

I'm not here to write on purpose to help you, or to help anyone else. If something I say gives you a good feeling or inspiration, I'm always excited to hear. But no, it's profoundly selfish. I want to practice writing, get a feel for blogging at a pretty elementary level. And I want to just write. With no expectation of perfection and no real hope of being understood. I want to tell the truth, as I seldom manage in everyday life. The truth is a tricky fish. Slippery.

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