Friday, June 17, 2011

What do I have to Offer?

1) A wicked, and strange, sense of humor.

2) I have the endings to all Jane Austen novels memorized. In case you didn't know, the girl gets the boy. Every time. [Edit: and apparently, I can misspell Jane Austen, and I can correct it later upon noticing... :)]

3) I can type pretty fast.

4) I suffer from a complete inability to pay attention to anything but what I'm passionately interested in. If that happens to be you, well. Merry Christmas!

5) I'm really good at making very pointless lists, and at changing the subject.

6) So, read any good books lately?

7) Oh, I can mostly write ok, and spell, and stuff. LOLZ.

8) I think what I'm mostly good at is shenanigans. And mischief. Sometimes in that order.

9) I am very good with Instagram. I have instagrammed many things. I have made instagrammed into a verb.

10) You tell me?

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