Wednesday, June 15, 2011

#usguys is dead! Long live #usguys!

Howdy all!

It's been an amazing journey for me since becoming active on twitter last October. I first joined the #usguys stream on December 1st. Some of you may remember my chronicling the beginning of my journey with our virtual tribe, and you know I've since considered myself one of the core members and faithful supporters of the experiment.

The time has come for me to resign from my never-made-official post of west coast coordinator for the #usguys tribe. My interest in participating in the stream has dwindled, and though I love all of the relationships I've formed and the lovely people I've met, I simply can't keep up with the constant evolution of the tribe.

The torch has long since passed on to others with more investment in the group, and new members and leaders have emerged. Many of my old friends have disappeared from the stream. Maybe they will return, maybe not. Either way, #usguys is alive and well and kicking, but it's not the same group I joined back in December and have faithfully championed through the intervening months. It's neither better nor worse than before. Just made differently.

I have no doubt that I'll still get lonely and pop in from time to time to cause some mischief. But I won't any longer feel sad when I get on twitter and feel no temptation to join in the flow of the group.

I do expect to have another reunion chat at some point, and you know that if you hold a tweetup and invite me, if there's any chance in hell I can make it, I will. But I am removing my #putaringonit #usguys stamp from my profile. Yes, I'm that serious, and yes, I'm sad about it. I won't be planning any new tweetups for the SF bay for a while. I won't be checking in as often, and I'll be talking to more of you out of the stream than in.

Unless I change my mind, of course :)

Love to you all,



  1. Ill be using the #putabirdonit myself.. but thats just the ball bounces.

  2. it really isnt the same group I started with. too many people pulling it one way or the other ...who needs it

  3. hey, Jackie. sorry I couldnt make the reunion chat last Saturday. home sale stuff driving me crazy. I would say worse, there are too many commercially-toned tweets anymore.

    happy to help in any way I can! will always remember my welcome and the help you gave me with #Nimble!

  4. I'm the same way, Jackie. Barely know anybody. But just when I'm gone for good, I glance over, and then there's you and Nick!

    What the hey, hey?! :)